Civil Litigation

Representing Your Best Interests In Civil Litigation

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant in a civil issue, has your best interests in mind. We provide the Columbus area a wide variety of civil litigation services both in and out of court.

We engage our extensive experience to give you high-quality legal representation in your civil litigation case. Our attorneys can make sure you have the best defense for your circumstances while satisfying all procedural requirements and protecting your rights.

Business Litigation

Civil litigation matters in business can be complicated, involving vendors, business partners and even competitors. When you work with us on civil matters in business, we will listen to your goals and provide sound advice and advocacy. We will provide efficient service while considering all of the factors in your situation.

Our legal professionals are skilled court litigators, but they also offer clients a wide range of conflict resolution options. Dispute resolution processes like mediation or arbitration may provide effective non-trial methods to resolve your dispute with less time and cost.

Administrative Review/Appeal Matters

Administrative processes and out-of-court hearings are a common resolution process in many matters with local, state or federal jurisdiction such as:

  • Zoning, housing and building violations
  • Code enforcement issues
  • Noise and health code violations
  • Employment disputes
  • Various licensing and credentialing matters

There are different rules, deadlines and procedures for each type of review process. Appeals of preliminary administrative decisions may be to other government bodies or the court system. This is why it is essential to know your rights and options if you are involved in an administrative process. At Artz, Dewhirst & Wheeler, LLP, our lawyers can help you navigate the administrative review process.

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