September 1, 2020

Want to Avoid an OVI Charge? Read This

Charges of operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI) are serious. In Ohio, a conviction can land you a big fine, up to six months in jail, […]
August 20, 2020

The Importance of a Marital Agreement When Trying IVF

Fertility issues and health complications like cancer can lead couples to require medical help to conceive and carry children. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a modern […]
August 4, 2020

Just How Often do You Need to Review Your Estate Plan?

Once you design an estate plan with the help of your attorney, you may think that you’ve done all you need to do. This group of […]
July 30, 2020

Does a Will Need to Go Through Probate in Ohio?

Not every will has to go through probate in Ohio — but many do. Probate can take extra time and expense, which is why some people […]
July 26, 2020

Discrimination Can Take a Mental Toll

Workers in Ohio and throughout the country who are subject to sexual harassment or other forms of discrimination may experience emotional distress. Symptoms of emotional distress […]
July 13, 2020

Try Alternative Dispute Resolution to Resolve Your Divorce

When you’re dealing with a divorce, it’s important that you have the opportunity to work through your disputes outside court. If you and your spouse are […]
July 9, 2020

What are My Rights as a Tenant?

The following information is not legal advice. This post provides general information only. Many renters who have signed a lease with a landlord have not read […]
July 2, 2020

If You Want to Adopt Your Adult Stepchild, You May be Able To

One thing that you want to do that is a little different from others is to adopt your adult stepchild. Adopting them is a good way […]
June 18, 2020

Are You Ready to Share Parenting Responsibilities With Your Ex?

One of the hardest things about going through a divorce with children is the fact that you have to continue to interact with your former spouse […]